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Sunset Marine Lab Jellyfish
Sunset Marine Labs is a USDA registered aquaculture facility

Sunset Marine Labs, LLC was founded in 1996 in an effort to bring jellyfish to the commercial marine ornamental fish market. Since its conception, Sunset Marine Labs has been dedicated to breeding healthy, moon jellyfish, designing and developing jellyfish tanks and jellyfish systems that are turn key and user friendly.  With the onset of our new online retail store and home jellyfish system available, we have started breeding the warm water strain of moon jellyfish which originates from Hawaii and can withstand temperatures up to 80ºF.  (However, we strongly recommend keeping them between 72º-80ºF)

Product R & D in the way of jellyfish tank design, nutritional food sources, maintenance procedures and husbandry techniques for jellyfish has kept us busy the past 20 years.

We offer captive bred cold water moon jellyfish (55º-66ºF) and warm water moon jellyfish (67º-80ºF) , jellyfish tanks, life support systems, frozen jellyfish food, consultation and support to those in the trade.  If you are looking for our retail website, please go to, or for a comprehensive site of both our commercial endeavours & retail ventures combined.

We also offer consultation services to educate those in the professional trade on how to keep jellies and maintain their systems confidently.


If you are looking for our retail sites

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