Watch these informative videos and learn about keeping Moon Jellyfish.

We began our series with the Moon Jellyfish Life Cycle Video which you can view currently on the Propagation page. On the Jellyfish Food page we show you how we grow and harvest their live food here at the lab and then process it for you to use in the frozen form. Here on the Tutorials page, we have three more videos designed to help you understand jellyfish even more. You will learn what a healthy jellyfish looks like--as they bell (swim) normally and while they eat and digest their food. You will learn how to properly acclimate your jellyfish to your system once you have received a shipment from us. We will show you how to maintain a jellyfish tank and all about the equipment used to run a jellyfish system. We will cover water quality parameters, lighting and anatomy of the moon jellyfish. If you would like any further informational videos, just let us know what YOU want to know and we will do our best to bring it to you!  But for now -- let's start by acclimating some jellyfish!

Note: The jellyfish tank you will see being used in these demonstrations is called the Neo Cube 35.  The style of jellyfish tank is called a Modified Tumbler Box, or Tumbler Box for short.  It comes complete with the tank, stand, filtration media, chiller, pump, uv filter and color changing LED's (with remote).  You will gather more information on the Neo Cube and how it works as you watch the videos.

Let's Begin!

Acclimating your Moon Jellyfish


Feeding your Moon Jellyfish 


Caring for your Moon Jellyfish 


 Thank you to Trina & Lisa! 

Sunset Marine Labs video & lab crew. Trina Storey & Lisa van Etten