custom jellyfish aquariumThe Deep's Jellyfish Exhibit in England.

Jellyfish tanks, called kreisels in most cases, are designed in such a way to create a false current to assist the jellyfish as they bell, or swim. There are several varieties and styles to consider when thinking about owning a jellyfish tank. Please view the Kreisel Gallery to see some examples of the varying types. There are true kreisels, pseudo-kreisels, stretch kreisels, vertical kreisels, modified tumbler boxes, cylinder and half-cylinder tanks to consider! We can help you determine which style is best for you and your clients.

custom built jellyfish tanksHorniman Museum's 800g Stretch Kreisel and The Deep's 280g True Kreisel.

• Each one can be custom designed to meet your needs.
• Standard sizes available.