Jellyfish Food

Commercial Size:One kilo of Frozen Jellyfish Food

Finally! A Frozen Jellyfish Food that is proven to keep your jellies healthy! Guaranteed!

Retail Size is 250g and is Available for purchase here or at at

Our Commercial size Frozen Jellyfish Food is 1 kg & will feed up to 12-18 jellies in the 5-6" size range for 80 days. It stays neutrally buoyant in a jellyfish tank-- is freshly hatched artemia nauplii, enriched with vitamins, and frozen to keep your jellies happy and healthy and growing!  We have been testing it for over six years and our customers  swear by it!


The jellies love it and it SHOWS!

Their radial canals achieve a nice orange color indicative of food metabolism  and utilization throughout the animal.  

Dosage is important when feeding jellies.  Too much at once and most of it goes down the drain.  Feeding too little can cause malnourished  and weak jellies.  Easy dosing instructions can be found on the label.

Sunset Marine Labs frozen jellyfish food comes in food grade poly tubing that can be easily cut with the free cutter included with your order!  Feeding the jellies is as simple as dropping the frozen food into the jellyfish tank!  It will begin to dissolve and disperse to feed the jellies in under one minute!  

Watch the video below, How to Feed Your Moon Jellyfish to see what a healthy jellyfish looks like and what your goal is as a jelly keeper.  It also shows you just how much to feed and how a healthy jellyfish looks when it is feeding.  Notice how clean the food is as it enters the tank -- it is not adding any of the murky, acidic decomposed byproduct often found with frozen fish foods. That liquified food product is very acidic and will burn the tentacles off your jellies. Beware of such products.


Great for feeding all species of jellies and fish love it, too!  Highly Concentrated--30,000                              nauplii/gram...that is 40 cents per gram!! 

Regarding the issue of Cyclop-eeze as a food source for Moon Jellyfish--please read the study below. We support and have demonstrated the same results found here.  What  we found was that over the course of six months the initial 7-8" diameter jellies -- although fully intact: radial canals clear, tentacles extended, oral arms up, and ingesting the Cyclops each day---they shrunk down to the size of quarters (1-2" diameter).  We then crafted a 50/50 blend of Selco enriched artemia naups with the  Cyclops and fed that for another 6 months -- of course starting  the test with new adult 7-8" moons.  The shrinkage was the same. We discontinued using it & returned to enriched naups and all was well with the jellies once again.

Study conducted by Chad Widmer, Senior Aquarist Monterey Bay Aquarium, 2003. Posted to the AZA jellyfish listserve.
























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